Sorte Marca Zoom 3.5X-90X Tabela Pilar Stand Ampliação do Zoom Binocular Microscópio Stereo PCB inspecione microscópio + 144LED


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Lucky Zoom Brand 3.5X-90X Table Pillar Stand Zoom Magnification Binocular Stereo Microscope inspect PCB microscope+144LED Free Shipping

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  • 3.5X-90X super wide zoom magnification power
  • · High resolution with great flatness and contrast, giving sharp and clear images
  • · Binocular head with 45 degree inclined 360 degree swiveling eye tubes
  • · 30mm super widefield high-eyepoint eyepieces with a 20mm field of view
  • · Sharp stereo erect images with a wide field of view
  • · Crystal clear original true color microscope images
  • · Accurate alignment reduces eye strain for longer periods of viewing
  • · Full optical glass elements
  • · precise ground glass lenses
  • · Full metal chrome-plated mechanical components
  • · Adjustable interpupillary distance
  • · Rubber eye-guards included


  • Head: 360 degree rotatable 45 degree inclined binocular
  • Eyepieces: 30mm super widefield high-eyepoint WF10X/20MM
  • Auxiliary objective : SZM2.0X 30mm & SZM0.5X 165mm
  • Zoom Range: 0.35X-9.0X
  • Diopter Adjustment: +/- 5dp
  • Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16" - 2-15/16"(55-75mm)
  • Working Distance: 4" (100mm)
  • Stand: 10" x 7-7/8" x 10.75" (254 x 200 x 275mm)
  • Round Plate: 3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter
  • Accessories: Paired eye-caps
  • 144 pcs led light 0-100% brightness control

Packing List:

  • One Binocular Stereo Zoom Head
  • One Pair of SUPER Widefield 10X Eyepieces
  • One SZM2.0X WD30mm
  • One SZM 0.5X WD165mm
  • One 144pcs led light with adaptor
  • One Pillar Table Stand
  • One Focusing Rack
  • One Round Plastic Plate
  • One Pair of Eye-Guards
  • One Pair of Clips
  • One Dust Cover

Optical Data:

Eyepiece Standard layout SZM0.5X SZM1.5X SZM2.0X
Work distance 100mm Work distance 165mm Work distance 45mm Work distance 30mm
Magnification Field video Magnification View field Magnification View field Magnification View field
WF10X/20mm 7.0X 28.6mm 3.5X 57.1mm 10.5X 19mm 14X 14.3mm
45X 4.4mm 22.5X 8.9mm 67.5X 3mm 90X 2.2mm
WF15X/15mm 10.5X 21.1mm 5.25X 42.8mm 15.75X 14.3mm 21X 10.7mm
67.5X 3.3mm 33.75X 6.7mm 101.25X 2.2mm 135X 1.7mm
WF20X/10mm 14.0X 14.3mm 7.0X 28.6mm 21.0X 9.5mm 28X 7.1mm
90.0X 2.2mm 45.0X 4.4mm 135.0X 1.5mm 180X 1.1mm